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About Us

 I am Tikesha Colón, founder of GodNMe Many years I struggled with what my purpose in life was. What was God’s plan for my life? Whatever it was, it seemed like I had to wait on it, because I had no revelation. Until recently I was taught that instead of spending time seeking what his plan for me is, it would be easier for me to just simply seek HIM. I realized I had to reorient my focus. My relationship with him would be a far greater reward.  Although I was raised in church my whole life, and knew him, and knew he was with me throughout my  life, I needed something more than that because that just wasn’t enough anymore. I needed to build on that and seek him on a deeper level. I was no longer a young girl getting by on my parents and grandmothers prayers, I needed him for myself. I realized the privilege of knowing God, over getting something from him. I chose to get to know him better. It wasn’t until I started diligently seeking him that things started to make a turn. I started seeing things differently.

My husband and I received the vision for God N Me during a time I felt I needed him the most.  In July 2020 my grandmother passed away who was near and dear to my heart. During this time, I felt a tug to get closer to him even while mourning. I knew He was with me the whole time.  I wanted to create a faith based apparel line where individuals can freely express their relationship with God and carry him with you  (by way of attire) any and everywhere you go.  Unashamed, Unapologetically, and Without Fear. He said in his word, He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is always with us and in us.